3-step Guide to choosing your first motorcycle


Contributed by: Narmeen Fazwani (Marketing Coordinator- High Road Vancouver & Langley) 



first motorcycle

How to decide on a motorcycle is the first question that comes up every time you speak to a new rider. For some it is an impulse decision whereas for others it’s a dream. To get their first bike of a certain brand or a style is truly a wish come true. There are many options out there when choosing your first motorcycle and for first time riders it can be a bit overwhelming.

Here is a 3-step guide to help you choose your perfect first motorcycle.


1: For what purpose are you buying a motorcycle?

Are you buying a motorcycle to tour around the Country or to just commute within the City? Is for racing on tracks or riding off road? If you are unsure of your answers that’s okay too. Motorcycles often come with multipurpose options that you could use according to your needs.


2: What are the absolute must haves?

What are other parameters you would wish in your first bike? Do you have a preference on weight and seat height? What about horsepower? Is there a certain appearance you are going for?

Lucky for you our dealership has tons of options and answers to all your questions.

Check out our options here: BMW | Ducati

You may wish to add more accessories to fit your needs.

High Road Collection offers Parts and Accessories to customize all kinds of motorcycles to suit individual needs.


3: What’s your budget? New vs Used

This is one of the most important factors in choosing a Motorcycle. When deciding a budget you should consider not only the price of the bike but also insurance and maintenance along with proper gear. High Road Collection offers extended warranty that you can pre-purchase in order to save cost fluctuations and to make sure your bike is in good shape for the upcoming years.

We deal in both New and Pre-owned motorcycles. Although new bikes come with up to date technology, pre-owned bikes not necessarily in poor condition.

High Road Collection is there to make sure that all Pre-owned motorcycles go through a specific points test before delivering to the new owner for a smoother transition. Check out our collection of

Pre-owned motorcycles here: Vancouver | Langley

If you are still unsure, you can get in touch with one of our Sales Consultants to help you choose your perfect ride.