Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclists

Contributed by: Narmeen Fazwani (Marketing & Events Coordinator- High Road Vancouver & Langley) 

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are reading this you might be a motorcyclist yourself or looking for gifts for your motorcyclist friends. Here are our comprehensive holiday gift ideas that would help you make this holiday season a tad bit better:


1: Heated/Cooling Vests

Something every motorcyclist wants but rarely ever buys for themselves. This is a good opportunity to jump in and be a hero. Depending on where you live and what time of the year you like to ride in, BMW carries a good quality & durable heated and cooling vest to save your day.

Find BMW Heat-up vest here

Find BMW Cool Down vest here


2: Nuviz

This one is for the tech junkie, who is always looking for new and upcoming gadgets. NUVIZ is the only all-in-one motorcycle head-up display (HUD) with intuitive controls that reduce distraction and enhances your ride by providing custom information needed on the ride, all within your natural line of sight.

Learn more about Nuviz technology here


3: Holiday Gift bundles for BMW/Ducati lovers

Whether or not one owns a BMW or Ducati motorcycle, a rider always appreciates a holiday bundle of their choice. High Road can put one together with thought and care for your loved ones – perfect for this holiday season! Our Apparel department can build a custom holiday bundle including Apparel and Accessories from a variety of brands we carry including but not limited to Dainese, Rev’it, Kriega, Schuberth, AGV.  Want to make sure your loved one gets home safe?  Check out the BMW NAV VI, great for those tour or even city savvy riders.

Get in touch with the Apparel Department for a custom Holiday bundle


4: Motorcycle maintenance package

After a good riding season, everyone wants to tuck their bikes in for the winter. This one is for those wanting to go an extra mile and “Clean-up” their bikes during downtime. High Road Langley offers a perfect solution with their Maintenance package for cars, trucks & motorcycles by performing the proper steps of the safe wash method with the addition of paint protection on you or your loved one’s bike.

Learn more about our maintenance package here


5: BMW Neckwarmer

A very functional neck warmer whether it be fall, winter or spring. This is a perfect accessory for your rider friend to add to their wardrobe. Made out of Polyester microfleece with windbreaker membrane over the neck and chest, this must-have piece will keep your friend warm at all times even when you arent riding.

Buy BMW Neck warmer here


6: Nikwax

If you haven’t heard of Nikwax, you are missing out. Nikwax treatments coat fabric and leather fibers with a network of elastic water-repellent molecules. They bond to anything that is not water-repellent but leave the spaces between fibers open and breathable. How does this help a motorcyclist, you ask? If you live on the West Coast, there is a great chance that you get at least 4-6 months of rain. Nikwax is the technology that keeps you drier in the outdoors!  A very small investment like this and care of your gear will save you from replacing your equipment sooner.

Buy Nikwax Leather restorer here

Buy Nikwax Tech Wash here

Buy Nikwax TX Direct Spray on here


7: Motorcycle show tickets Vancouver

The timing of this couldn’t be any better. The Motorcycle show in Vancouver is a paradise for motorcycle lovers with over 80 exhibitors displaying a large variety of motorcycles and apparel. Every year more than 30,000 people visit! This event is the biggest of the year for a motorcyclist. Tickets to this show would be a perfect experiential motorcycle gift for any rider, whether it be a Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati or a BMW rider. Get your friends together and check out the newest latest and greatest of all the brands!

Cost at the door $15. Skip the lines buy online for $12

Buy Motorcycle show tickets here


8: Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with Gift cards, luckily you can buy one from High Road Vancouver & Langley for any value you’d like. The best part is, the gift card can be used for any of our departments including Apparel, Service or Parts. So if unsure, let your loved ones decide what they want for themselves this holiday season.

Buy a Gift card here


Not too many motorcyclists enjoy winter season, but this downtime is a great opportunity.  We give our gear and machines a big workout for six or eight months and winter allows us to take a closer look at things and make sure that everything is in order, no problems exist.  Ultimately, this will allow us to get on the road this coming spring with confidence and with safety and most importantly, without delay!   Also, this is the time of year that you will get better deals from the shops around to buy any parts, accessories or riding gear.  Take a few minutes this month, pull out your riding gear, clean and inspect it.  Fix anything now so it’s ready to go, or possibly look at some new gear.  Fall and winter are opportune times to find deals.  Go over your bike and look for any potential issues.  Don’t be afraid to call into the experts as we are here to help diagnose any potential issues.

Regardless of what gifts you give or hope to receive, here’s wishing you all the best for Happy Holidays.