Essientiality is key, in all three models. Because that’s how the legendary Scrambler cycling was born. A few pieces, the ones that matter, made to last forever thanks to the use of exclusive materials: all metal and aluminium.


The Scrambler Icon is the starting point from which to express yourself. It is characterised by its comfortable riding position and steel teardrop tank with interchangeable aluminium side panels. The 790 mm seat height ensures comfort for both the rider and passenger. Stand-out features include the wide handlebar, the headlight with glass lens and LED guide-light, and the Dual Sport wheels. An aluminium finish for the belt covers, the heat guard and the interchangeable surround of the characteristic LCD instrument panel all enrich the style of the bike. Available in three colours: ’62 Yellow, Ducati Red, Silver Ice.Color: Atomic Tangerine

scrambler icon
scrambler icon
scrambler icon

Models Available

scrambler icon

Scrambler Icon 2019

Base Price: $ 10,895

Price before taxes: $ 12,065

Financing available: 1.99% over 36 months or 3.99% over 60 months or
Accessory credit: $500 on 2019 models