Essientiality is key, in all three models. Because that’s how the legendary Scrambler cycling was born. A few pieces, the ones that matter, made to last forever thanks to the use of exclusive materials: all metal and aluminium.


The sportiest Scrambler ever. Inspired by the “racer” customizations, it has an unmisteakable style. And it provides performances able to emotion even the most expert bikers, thanks to the equipped Adjustable Öhlins suspensions, the “Viper Black” colour with yellow central stripes and under side covers, aluminium wheels, low handlebar and bi-material seat cover.

scrambler 1100
scrambler 1100
scrambler 1100

Models Available

scrambler 1100

1100 Sport

Base Price: $17,795

Price before taxes: $18,965

Financing available: 1.99% over 36 months or 3.99% over 60 months or
Accessory credit: $1000 on 2019 models